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What did you find surprising or striking as you furthered your knowledge about how people learn?
What really strikes me about how people learn was the online class with no instructor. I always thought online class was going to be online with the instructor all of us online at the something ready to discuss the chapter we read online with everyone having a speaker on their computer so we just come to the computer and do the class, Instead it took me by surprise to finding out you have to learn on our own and post your discussion where other student and the instructor will comment about it. And you will also have the chance to learn from other post and ask question that was something that took me by surprise but I later find out it can be than by the help of our instructor who is always ready to give feedback. I had to adapted a new way of learn by self instead of the traditional one I no. It has really thought me a new way of learn. Also find about people always on the computer ready to learn when they have spare time that was motivation. However connectivism has played an important part in my learning process as an adult learner, Adult learning theory has made an impact on me in a variety of ways. So, learning styles like, experiential, self-directed, project-based and action learning (Conlan, 2003) provide tremendous insight in how I can apply these to my online course, work situations and future instructional design solutions. Adult learning, behaviorist, cognitive and constructivist theories have deepened my own understanding of my own learning process in detail and scope.” It is one thing to design for learner motivation in a classroom setting where teachers or facilitators can respond to changes as soon as they sense them. It is a greater challenge to make self-directed learning environments responsive to the motivational requirements of learners. It requires both a systematic motivational design process that provides adequate guidelines and methods of incorporating feasible and effective motivational tactics into the environment, and knowledge of the dynamics of human motivation” (Keller, 1999).
How has this course deepened your understanding of your personal learning process?
This course has deepened my understanding in so many ways like how to o be an effective leader, making good decision, effective social learning. Learning strategies and styles influence instructional design. The outcomes of an effective adult learning experience which I have to come by during taking this course. “Learning opportunities for adults exist in a variety of settings ranging from a formal institution to a place of employment. It is important to acknowledge prior knowledge and experiences of learners, including their ability to recognize their own skills as lifelong learners Merriam, 1999. (Conlan 2009)”. This understanding has made it clear to me that many strategies employed that have enhanced my learning. “I have also to the realization of why some contents taught been so easy for me to remember and apply because I was able to make the connection with my preexisting knowledge (Ormrod 2009)”. Encourage learning by discovery: research indicates that people retain information longer when they are given the opportunity to realize ideas and solutions from their own understanding.
What have you learned regarding the connection between learning theories, learning styles, educational technology, and motivation?
Learning theories focus on the instructional designer and how they choose to deliver instruction in the most effective method possible. Learning styles are focused on the learner and how they approach expanding their intellectual capacity. Educational technology is concerned with the how to deliver that instruction between an instructional designer and the learner. Motivation is the critical component, especially in an online environment, to connecting the instructional designer, the learner and education technology. The instructional designer’s function is to arouse the learner via education technology, learning styles, motivation and drives (Ormrod, 2009) are all key factors that determine the effectiveness of instruction. ). “Educators can manage learning environments to stimulate and sustain motivation, even though they cannot control it. Ultimately, each human being is responsible for his or her motivational condition, but it is abundantly clear that the environment can have a strong impact on both the direction and intensity of a person’s motivation”. (Keller, 1999)
How will your learning in this course help you as you further your career in the field of instructional design?
As an instructional designer this course will help me further career field as I pursues it due what I learn from the adult learning experience also what I have learn towards motivation educational technology and many different strategies towards education, I feel with have this new experiences or knowledge I have occurred will help me in my career field. “The Social Learning Theory sets this into a social context that exchanging information creates knowledge. Constructivism offers the modeling of all factors into new knowledge and Connectivism connects these dynamics as one needs them (Ormrod, 2009)”.”The ARCS model is a system for improving the motivational appeal of instructional materials, of instructor behavior, and of the way in which lessons (or modules) and courses are designed.” (Keller,). “The context of learning will move beyond replicating what is already known in order to create entirely new forms of interaction, expression, and activity, along with the metaphors needed to make them comprehensible (Horizon Report, 2011)”. This has been my way of using my existing knowledge, obtaining new information.


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