Road to professional learning communities


How has your network changed the way you learn?
I would say network has not changed the way I learn. But rather it has change the way I access and acquire information using the internet. The ways I used to learn in the past has greatly been impacted by the ways that I am learning now. I appreciate the convenience of technology thanks to the digital age of the Internet and personal computers. I am now able to learn from various sources such as Google Bing blogs yahoo and YouTube. As at now I am engaging in new learning path skills not only applicable to me in the classroom but also in learning out of the classroom. Because now I have the ability to receive information, share, create and select the appropriate technologies for completing many school works. It is so clear that the majority of information resources are made available with technology thanks to the Internet. Now I can access the Internet from any of my devices and research information any time. As we get older our networks have become a huge impact on our learning. Even though we want to learn and experience everything “we can no longer personally experience everything there is to experience as we try to learn something new” (Davis, Edmunds, & Kelly-Bateman, 2008).
Which digital tools best facilitate learning for you?
Google yahoo YouTube Blogs and Bing are the digital tool I use for learning anything out there. As YouTube provides videos for inquisitive minds to watch and try on their own. I also enjoy blogs as they allow a platform for individuals to share their knowledge and thoughts with others and are interactive .I use Google, yahoo and Bing to do most research and access information from there too. All of these digital tools allow me to access information anytime and anywhere. I have access to using or incorporating the basic functions which involve other learners. When using these tools, collaboration becomes a vital function for enhancing my knowledge and experiences
How do you gain new knowledge when you have questions?
When I have questions, I use Google and other search engines on the internet in order to find answers. Sometimes I post questions in the classroom’s café, through the discussions area. The first thing I do is conduct research. Now that I have different ways in which to communicate, my favorite way to gain knowledge is via the blogs and sometime use Google.
In what ways does your personal learning network support or refute the central tenets of connectivism.
My personal learning networks have been very helpful in providing the kind of learning experience I want for me to complete my education in a flexible due to digital age of technology. The increased access that I have to the Internet through my mobile devices is proving to be the key to greater personalization of how I learn outside of school“Connectivism is driven by the understanding that decisions are based on rapidly altering foundations. New information is continually being acquired and the ability to draw distinctions between and important and unimportant information is vital.” (Davis, Edmunds, & Kelly-Bateman, 2008)

Davis, C., Edmunds, E., & Kelly-Bateman, V. (2008). Connectivism. In M. Orey (Ed.), Emerging perspectives on learning, teaching, and technology. Retrievedfrom in my network are reliable and dependable.


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